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How do I get the cPanel login credentials of my web hosting plan?
How do I get the cPanel login credentials of my web hosting plan?
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In order to get into the cPanel account, you will need a separate username and password different than the client area login credentials. You can get the cPanel credentials in either of these ways:

1) By e-mail

When you purchase any web hosting plan with us, you will get an e-mail message from Sales with the subject "StableHost - Web Hosting Details" just a couple of minutes after the purchase. The message contains all the details of the web hosting plan, it will also include the username and password, for example:

If you haven't seen this message in the inbox of the email address that you used to register the account, look at the spam folder as sometimes it can go there.

If you are not able to find it you can either contact us so we can send it again or follow the steps contained in the next paragraph.

2) By Client Area Admin

If you recently purchased this plan and you did not find the e-mail message as explained in option 1, you can reach that message (and all the rest of the messages that we've sent when you signed up) by following the steps in this article.

If you purchased the web hosting plan some time ago, this article will tell you how to get into cPanel using the Client Area admin without any username/password. However, if you still need to know the username of the cPanel it is shown at the top right corner of the cPanel, once you get access following that article you will see it right away:

The password of the cPanel account can only be changed at the Client Area, you can follow the steps in how to change it here.

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