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How do I setup Cloudflare with my Hosting account?
How do I setup Cloudflare with my Hosting account?
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STEP 1: Find the Cloudflare icon in the Control Panel (cPanel):

STEP 2: Activation. If you already have a Cloudflare direct account, sign-in. If not, click on ‘Sign up':

STEP 3: Setup. Now you will be prompted to update the name servers to the name servers provided by Cloudflare. You will need to manually change them, if the domain is registered with us, you can follow these steps in order to update the name servers:

You'll also see a full list of your DNS records taken from cPanel:

You will need to refresh the page after the DNS updates the name servers to Cloudflare’s name servers.

PLEASE NOTE: the Cloudflare plugin pulls all the DNS records from the ‘Advanced Zone Editor’. If you wish to add a new DNS record, you first need to create it in the ‘Advanced Zone Editor’.

STEP 4: Enable Cloudflare for subdomains. For subdomains, click the grey cloud icon and toggle to orange. This means traffic will flow through Cloudflare for these subdomains:

If you need further help, don't hesitate in contacting us.

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