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How do I change my nameservers (DNS records)?
How do I change my nameservers (DNS records)?
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You can change the DNS of a particular purchased domain by logging into our billing control panel.

Prior to following this guide, you will need to unlock de domain:

  • To login, click here.

  • Click on 'Domains' and then 'My Domains':

  • Find the domain you want to modify and click 'Manage Nameservers':

  • Once you are at the new screen, click on "Use Custom Nameservers" and input the nameservers you want to use:

  • Click on "Change Nameservers" and the changes should be saved:

IMPORTANT: Your domain must be active and registered in order to change the DNS records. If you get an error while you are trying to change the DNS records contact us to check the domain.

This change could take up to 24 hours to be reflected, if you didn't get any error don't try to change the DNS records again. Please wait for 24 hours max. If after that time the DNS are not reflected contact us

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