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What is your refund policy?
What is your refund policy?
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For our shared web hosting services, we offer an impressive 45-day money back guarantee. If, within the first 45 days of signing up, you find that our service does not meet your expectations, you can request a refund. Please note that this guarantee excludes domain registration fees and add-ons. To initiate the refund process, simply cancel your account within the specified period via the billing control panel and reach out to our support team. We are here to assist you promptly.

For VPS servers, we provide a 7-day refund policy. If you are dissatisfied with our VPS services within the first 7 days of your subscription, you can request a refund. Similar to our shared hosting policy, this refund does not include any add-on or managed service fees. Please ensure you review our Terms and Conditions for a comprehensive understanding of the policy details and restrictions.

It's important to note that these refund policies apply to first-time accounts only. If you have multiple accounts, please be aware that this policy is valid for your initial account and does not extend to subsequent accounts.

For a comprehensive overview of our refund policy, including detailed terms and any restrictions, we encourage you to read our Terms and Conditions. This document provides in-depth information about our policies, ensuring transparency and clarity regarding your hosting experience.

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