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Why the chat button is not available for me?
Why the chat button is not available for me?
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Our main support tool for our customers is Intercom. In order to get live/chat support you need to open our chat located at the bottom right side of our website or client area (once logged in):


If you don't see the green chat button, try to scroll the website down until the bottom of the page, sometimes the screen size could be small not letting the chat button appear.
If that did not work for you, there might be a few reasons why you don't see the chat messenger:

1. Are you from Vietnam?

For some reasons we don't know, intercom chat is randomly blocked at this country. We encourage to use a VPN if that's your case. We offer our VPN product, or you can get a free VPN from CloudFlare. Once you are connected using the VPN, try to refresh the website and you should be able to reach our chat.

2. Do you use Firefox, or an ad blocking extension, or private browsing mode?

Some ad blocking extensions also block JavaScript that includes tracking functionality, such as our chat messenger. Some customers might have installed a JavaScript blocking browser plugin/extensions. While our Intercom Chat isn't an ad-provider, adblocking plugins (e.g. uBlock, Ghostery, Adblock, NoScript, and Firefox Privacy Browsing mode) offer options to block JavaScript that includes tracking functionality and it may directly affect our chat functionality.

Try disabling your adblocker, or even all your web browser extensions or use a browser other than Firefox.

3. Use email for getting support.

If none of these steps worked for you, send us an email support request to [email protected] using the email address you used to register your account with us and it will work the same as our chat system. We also get email requests from our Intercom chat.

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