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CloudFlare cPanel Plugin End-of-Life
CloudFlare cPanel Plugin End-of-Life
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A few months ago, CloudFlare decided to halt the support for their cPanel, WHMCS and Plesk plugins. The service/support for these will be sunsetting all functionality by November 1st, 2022. However, they started to limit functionality on existing and new users since June 15th 2022.

Due to this circumstance, we will be forced to remove this plugin from our servers and they won't be longer available as of September 25th 2022.

Hence the plugin will no longer work, all the DNS features and zones from CloudFlare along with all other options, protections and setup will remain stored and working on their portal.

CloudFlare highly suggest to the users that previously setup the cPanel plugin to verify access for their CloudFlare accounts ( as soon as possible. This portal offers multiple ways to recover access just in case you need to. Otherwise you can get in contact with their support through Unfortunately StableHost can't not offer support on this area and you might need to get in contact with CloudFlare if further assistance is required.

Even when this situation is out of our control we totally understand any inconvenient caused by this change and we apologize for it. Here you will find more information related:

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