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First of all, what is SEO? It means Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of tools and tweaks/actions that would improve the ranking of your website in search results and search engines. This will eventually lead your site to get more traffic, where you can convert all this traffic into customers and leads.

marketgoo is the SEO Tool that we offer at StableHost. This is one of the most effective do-it-yourself SEO tool for small/medium businesses.

How does marketgoo work

With SEO tool marketgoo you can:

  • Increase your visibility on the web and keep track of your competitors.

  • Get recursive reports on your Google ranking and get suggestions on which keywords to optimize on.

  • Increase your website’s traffic and get more leads.

  • Break down problems into manageable tasks, understandable even for beginners.

How to put marketgoo in action.

  1. Get your marketgoo plan, make sure to choose the domain that will be assigned to the SEO Plan.

  2. Get into your Client Area/cPanel and look for the marketgoo service.

  3. Get the instant SEO report.

  4. Get your SEO Plan.

  5. Put your SEO Plan in action.

  6. Monitor the Results.

Differences between Lite and Pro

Depending on your needs, marketgoo can offer two different versions, the Lite and the Pro. The Pro version offers a complete SEO plan: detailed reports and guided step by step instructions on how to fix your site’s issues; this is besides all the other features included with the Lite version.

Included Features: Lite vs Pro




Automatic Search engine submission



Connect Google Analytics



Download Reports (PDF)



Competitor tracking

Up to 2 competitors

Up to 4 competitors

Keyword tracking & optimization

Up to 5 keywords

Up to 20 keywords

Updated report & plan



Custom SEO Plan with individual tasks

SEO plan, containing individual tasks. For step by step instructions upgrade to Pro.

SEO Plan with tasks. Step by Step instructions for each task.

Monthly progress report



Does marketgoo make the suggested changes on my site for me?

marketgoo is a Do-it-Yourself tool, so while it help you with analyzing your site and giving recommendations, tasks and instructions for you to optimise your site, it won’t make these changes for you.




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