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How do I upgrade my web hosting plan?
How do I upgrade my web hosting plan?
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In order to look for the available options for upgrading your plan please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the client area.

  2. Go to Services -> My Services

  3. Click on the "Active" button for the plan you wish the upgrade:

  4. At the left column, click on Upgrade/Downgrade to see the available options (Note: if you don't see this option, contact us as your case may need to validated with one of our billing agents):

  5. The available upgrade options will appear as long with its own prices, choose the best one for you and click "Choose Product":

  6. Then review the order, choose the Payment Method that you would like to use and click on "Click to Continue"

7. Confirm your order and click on Submit Payment:

The upgrade will occur in automatic once the payment has been made.

If you want us to take care of the upgrade, contact us and one of our billing agents will check your particular case.

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