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How do I set up the Two-Factor Authentication for the customer area?
How do I set up the Two-Factor Authentication for the customer area?

and how to disable it and solve issues about it.

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For security reasons, it is better to have a Two Factor Authentication feature enabled for logging into the customer area. This feature will enable a second layer of security to your account (client area login) by asking a random number that you will get from an app on your mobile device. Follow all the steps contained in this article if you want to get it activated.

0. In order to activate this feature, you'll need to have the Google Authenticator App installed on your mobile phone. We believe this is the easiest way to have enabled this feature right away. You can download this app here:

  1. For Android-based devices: Google Playstore

  2. For iOS-based devices: Apple App Store

Now you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to the customer area:

2. Go to Hello, Your-Name-here! > Security Settings:

3. Then click on "Click here to Enable" and a new window will pop up:

4. Click on Get Started:

You'll get a new screen like this one, leave it there and go to the next step:

5. Now you need to leave your computer, go to your mobile phone and open the Google Authenticator app that you downloaded in step 0.

6. Once you reached that point, click on the plus sign:

and then click Scan Barcode:

7. Now go back to your computer and put your mobile phone's camera in front of the code you've got in step 4. You'll leave that screen open to come back later.

8. A random 6-digit number will appear in the Google Authenticator App on your mobile phone:

9. Go back to the computer again and use that number on the same screen in step 7 and click Submit:

10. After that step you will get a confirmation message stating that the Two-Factor Authentication was enabled and a backup code will also appear. This is like a second password, keep it in a secure place in case you lost access to the Google Authenticator app or the mobile phone tied to it:

11. Now close the window and enjoy this functionality.

I want to disable the Two-Factor Authentication feature.

If you are going to change your mobile device it is better to disable this feature and re-configure it again when you have the new device. In order to make this happen please follow the steps 1 and 2 for this guide and then click on Click Here to Disable:

I lost my backup code and I no longer have access to my mobile device, what can I do?

Please contact our Billing Department and we will manually review your account and disable the Two Factor Authentication so you can recover access to your account.

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