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Prices and Differences between the options available today

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Domain Validated Certificates (DV)

These are the most common certificates and the cheapest ones. This kind of certificates does not require an intensive validation process and in that way they can be generated very fast. We offer three different options depending on your current needs:

  • Comodo AutoSSL 

  • Let's Encrypt AutoSSL 

  • Alpha SSL

Mozilla Firefox and Chrome/Chromium will show a Green Lock on the navigation bar. Safari and Microsoft Edge will show a Grey Lock. 

The Comodo AutoSSL feature is enabled by default on every hosting plan. Don't know how to use them? Contact Us.

Let's Encrypt Certificates must be enabled by our Technical Support Team on the hosting account you require them. Please Contact Us if you want to activate these certificates.

Alpha SSL's are purchased through this link, you'll receive an e-mail message after the payment that you'll need to reply back with the required information. We will keep you updated by the same way once the Certificate is completed.

Comparison Chart for Domain Validated Certificates (DV)

Extended Validation Certificates (EV)

The highest level certificates but not because of its encryption features, they work technically the same as the domain validated certificate, this is because of the data validation process and how the certificates are displayed in the browser. In other words, your visitors will be able to get a higher level of trust if they see this certificate; prominently displaying the verified company name helps distinguish the site from phishing or impostor sites. 

To sign an extended validation certificate a certificate authority (CA) requires verification of the requesting entity's identity and its operational status with it's control over domain name and hosting server. This could take up to 7 days. 

For this reason, the green bar will now show the full company name along with the country of origin. This some times will alternate with the CA name. 

This certificate is for one domain and it isn't wildcard, which means it won't work for any other domain or subdomain besides the main one. 

The price for this certificate is $233.88/year and you can get it here

Wildcard Certificates

These are DV/Standard certificates that could be applied for a domain and all its sub-domains. For example, if you get a Wildcard Certificate for *.mywebsite.com, it will also apply for sales.mywebsite.com, vps.mywebsite.com, mail.mywebsite.com, etc.  

The price for this certificate is $239.88/year and you can get it here

Multi-Domain Certificates

These are DV/Standard certificates that could be used for multiple domains and/or sub-domains. Our Comodo Multi-Domain certificate can handle up to 3 domains each. 

The price for this certificate is $122.88/year and you can get it here.

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