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Do you support NodeJS?
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Node.js, with its ability to build scalable and high-performance applications, is a popular choice among developers. We want to clarify that, currently, Node.js is supported exclusively on our VPS (Virtual Private Server) platform. This means that if you are looking to utilize Node.js for your applications, our VPS servers are the ideal choice.

Our shared and reseller hosting services utilize cPanel, a widely used control panel in the hosting industry. Unfortunately, cPanel does not offer native support for Node.js applications. This limitation means that Node.js cannot be deployed on our shared and reseller hosting platforms due to the constraints of the cPanel environment.

If your projects require Node.js functionality, we encourage you to consider our VPS hosting solutions. Our VPS servers provide you with the flexibility and freedom to install and run Node.js applications seamlessly. With full control over your server environment, you can harness the power of Node.js to create dynamic, real-time applications tailored to your specifications.

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