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How do I cancel my account from my mobile?
How do I cancel my account from my mobile?

Detailed instructions on how to cancel a plan using a mobile.

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Wait a second - are you really thinking of leaving the best web hosting company, known to man? Before you make such a crazy decision, let's step back, count to 10 together and re-group.

Has it been 10 seconds already? Argh. Alright - well, we hope you're not leaving us because of anything related to our service, support or price. We can usually fix most issues if you contact us - our management team loves working with people! If you prefer to talk to our management team first, you can do so by contacting us here

To start the cancel proceedings, follow these yet-so-easy steps (if you are using a desktop computer, please read this guide instead):

  • Select the service you wish to cancel by clicking the green “Active” button (If the Plan is already suspended you need to find the orange "Suspended" button instead).

  •  Click on the right arrowhead at the Actions Tab:

  • Then swipe the buttons to the left until you find the 'Request Cancellation', button and click on it.

  •  Please fill out that form. 

By doing so, it will contact our management team and inform them of your wish to cancel. We hope you have enjoyed our service (and sometimes horrible humor) and wish you the best. 

Goodbyes are never easy - hope you don't forget about us.

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