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.ES Domain Requirements
.ES Domain Requirements
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This is the country-code top level domain from Spain. Here are some points you need to be aware when registering this extension:

Additional information required during the registration:

ID Form Type. You can select and provide any of these forms of personal/company identification:

  • Tax Identification Number (DNI) if you are from Spain.

  • Tax Identification Code (NIF) if you are from Spain.

  • Foreigner Identification Number (NIE) if you are a foreigner living in Spain. 

  • Other Identification (Passport Number, Company Registration Number, Driver's License Number, Foreign ID document number) if you don't live in Spain. 

ID Form Number. Based on the ID Form Type selected, you may need to provide the ID/Number of the document.

Legal Form. You will need to select the legal entity tied to this domain:

  • Individual

  • Economic Interest Group

  • Association

  • Sports Association

  • Professional Association

  • Savings Bank

  • Community Property

  • Community of Owners

  • Order or Religious Institution

  • Consulate

  • Public Law Association

  • Embassy

  • Local Authority

  • Sports Federation

  • Foundation

  • Mutual Insurance Company

  • Regional Government Body

  • Central Government Body

  • Political Party

  • Trade Union

  • Farm Partnership

  • Public Limited Company

  • Sports Association

  • Civil Society

  • General Partnership

  • General and Limited Partnership

  • Cooperative

  • Worker-owned Company

  • Limited Company

  • Spanish Office

  • Temporary Alliance of Enterprises

  • Worker-owned Limited Company

  • Regional Public Entity

  • National Public Entity

  • Local Public Entity

  • Others

  • Designation of Origin Supervisory Council

  • Entity Managing Natural Areas

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