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Support Platform Changes
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"Wait a moment. I can not submit support tickets! Now, what!?"

Don't Panic! We have been hard working on our new customer support platform, and it is online now after some weeks of data migration and setup. This is a conversation-like platform provided by Intercom. We will keep our average reply time up to 20 min, but you can expect an improvement of that number during the following days.  

Ok, but how can I get Support now?!

There are two main ways to get support:

  1. By E-mail. You can still get in contact by sending us an e-mail message depending on your needs:

        - Sales Department: sales[@]
        - Billing Department: billing[@]
        - Technical Support:  support[@]
        - Abuse: abuse[@]

    Don't forget to use the same e-mail address you used to register the account so we can recognize you as our customer. You will be able to reply the e-mails to continue the troubleshooting, just like a standard e-mail conversation.  

  2. By the Conversation Window. To use this option, you must log into the client area first. Once you've logged in, the Conversation Window is located at the bottom right corner of the page (Fig. 1):

Fig. 1

Fig. 2. Intercom Icon

Once you click on it, the conversation window will appear (Fig. 3). You will have direct access to all our Knowledge Base ("Find an answer quickly") just in case you want to try that first, many times you will find the answer to your questions there, and you will save some time. By clicking on "New Conversation" (the big green button) will appear a message box so you can send your inquiry and get support, we will reply as soon as possible (our average reply time will be up to 20min):

Fig. 3 

Tip: If you already submitted multiple cases under our new support platform, you will be able to reach a full list of these cases on the "See previous" link, just at the right side of the "New Conversation" button like the Fig. 3. shows.  This will be your conversation history now.  

Tip 2: If you have an active conversation in our platform and you need to leave, you can close the window. The Intercom Platform will redirect the conversation to your e-mail, in that way you can reply from your e-mail address and you will always keep track of your cases no matter where you are. 

New StableHost Help Center

We also introduced our new Help Center for our Articles, FAQs, Knowledge Base, etc.
If you are reading this article is because you are already visiting it.  

The direct link is and you will have always access from our Website.


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