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Can I purchase cPanel without the management addon?
Can I purchase cPanel without the management addon?
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On our VPS platform, we have adopted a streamlined approach to cPanel licenses. We do not offer standalone cPanel licenses without the management addon. This integrated solution provides you with not just the cPanel license but also a robust management addon that ensures your VPS operates smoothly, securely, and efficiently.

Our management addon goes beyond a mere license, offering you a range of benefits. With our addon, you receive enhanced technical support, proactive server monitoring, security audits, and expert assistance with server configurations. Our experienced team is here to assist you, ensuring that your VPS functions optimally, allowing you to focus on your online projects without the burden of technical complexities.

If you prefer managing your VPS independently and wish to install cPanel yourself, we recommend purchasing a cPanel license directly from a reputable provider. One such provider is, where you can acquire a cPanel license tailored to your specific needs. By obtaining your license from trusted sources, you can have the flexibility to configure and customize your VPS environment according to your preferences.

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