What is an inode?
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An "inode" is a single file that you are the owner of. It can be a file on your website, an email or a database file that you manage. Every single file that is under your account is considered an inode. We keep track of how many inodes you have and you can view your "INode Count" in the cPanel stats dropdown.

Why is an inode a bad thing?

INodes are not always bad, you will obviously have inodes if you receive email or have a website hosted with us. However some customers have 1,000,000+ INodes and when there's that many files, it can take hours to backup a single account. Backing up an account takes every single file and copies it over to the backup server, for those who have a million files, that takes a huge performance hit on our servers while it's trying to do the nighly backups.

Need help figuring out why you have so many inodes? Contact our staff, we'll be happy to help!

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