Your resource limits are defined based on your web hosting plan. Please see the differences below:

Shared Hosting (Unlimited Starter and Unlimited Pro Plans)

CPU: 100% of 1 CPU Core
I/O: 5Mb/s
Memory: 2GB
Max PHP Processes: 25
Total Max Processes: 100
MySQL Connections: 25
IOPS: 300 guaranteed (*)

Enterprise Hosting (Unlimited Platinum Plan)

CPU: 100% of 2 CPU Cores
I/O: 10Mb/s
Memory: 5GB
Max PHP Processes: 100
Total Max Processes: 100
MySQL Connections: 50
IOPS: 300 guaranteed (*)

Confused on what all these numbers mean? Don't worry! Contact our sales team and we'll be glad to assist you and find the right plan for you.

 The majority of sites fit fine into our normal shared hosting plans.

 If you run a business or account with multiple sites, you may need our higher end enterprise plan.

(*) If your account requires more IOPS please contact us to discuss the details about your application so we can adjust them if needed.

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