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How do I export or import my Database?
How do I export or import my Database?

MySQL/MariaDB database export/import via Web Hosting Control Panel

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The best way to import or export a database is via PHPMyAdmin:

  1. Log in to the cPanel account that owns the database.

  2. Select/Search the phpMyAdmin icon; a new window will appear showing all your databases.

  3. Select the database name from the sidebar on the left.

If you want to Export a Database:

  • Click the Export tab.

  • Click Export.

  • Wait until your database is fully downloaded/exported via web browser.

If you want to Import a Database:

  • Click the Import tab.

  • Choose the local file that you wish to import. Common file extensions are: .sql,, .sql.tar.gz, .sql.gz

  • Click Import.

  • This may take some time depending on how heavy your backup is and your internet connection with the server.

If your SQL file is too big to import via PHPMyAdmin, please contact our support team and we would be more than happy to do it for you.

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