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How do I change my main domain name and remove an addon domain?
How do I change my main domain name and remove an addon domain?
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We have created a feature to change your main domain name automatically without contacting support. You can do so by logging into our billing control panel at

  • Once you get logged in, click on 'My Services': 

  • Find the plan you want to modify on the list, and click on it (just don't click on the domain name):

  • Click on the 'Change Domain Name' button under the Actions tab: 

  • Place the new domain you want to use and click on "Change Domain".

If you already have the domain as an Add-On domain.

If the domain you want to use as main domain is already added as an Add-On domain, then you have to remove the Add-On domain first, if you don't do this, you will get an error because you cannot set a new primary domain if that domain is already in use in our systems.

  1. Back up your Add-On domain's public_html contents, as a safety measure.

  2. In cPanel, remove the Add-On domain, this won't delete any public_html files.

  3. Follow the instructions above to change the main domain.

  4. Using your favorite file manager, remove the files in public_html and then move or upload the add-on domain's public_html files to your public_html root folder.

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