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How do I backup my website?
How do I backup my website?
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The easiest way to Backup your website is by doing so via cPanel.
By logging into cPanel, you will have an Icon that says Backup.
Once you start the Backup, it runs in the background and will email you when it's ready, and you can FTP in and grab the Backup.
​We strongly encourage you to Backup your site on your servers/locally and not rely on our backup methods.
For a step-by-step guide in how to create a backup, please visit this video tutorial.

If your hosting account is Cancelled or Terminated and you need a backup, contact us we can find your account in our general backups and provide you one for $25.00.

If your hosting account is Suspended, make sure to pay any outstanding invoice to get access to cPanel, and you can proceed to generate your backup.

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