Are your VPS's managed?
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Our Managed VPS service is based on the amount of cPanel accounts that you will need to have at your VPS. Take in mind that you can host multiple websites into a single cPanel account. However, if you need multiple cPanel accounts for any reason, the pricing may vary.


cPanel Accounts

Monthly Fee

Managed Support 5


$ 39.99

Managed Support 30


$ 60.99

Managed Support 50


$ 69.99

Managed Support 100


$ 77.99

Our Managed Add-ons also include 10 hours of management/support per month.

Our Managed support can assist with the basic administration of your VPS, which includes things such as : 

  • Basic Security Check

  • Installing an Apache module

  • Troubleshooting basic script problems

  • Troubleshooting basic e-mail/ftp problems

Our Managed support can not assist with things such as:

  • Advanced debugging of a third party script.

  • Custom OS configurations

  • Installing advanced web-based modules such as FFMPEG hosting.

  • Writing custom scripts

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