All the orders paid with credit/debit cards will be automatically renewed every end of the billing term tied to the service. However, there will be some times when the automatic payments will stop working. There are plenty of reasons behind this like a credit card expired, a billing address that recently changed, a credit card disabled, an account with lack of funds, or even switching from PayPal to a Credit Card will require to enable this feature again.

In order to make this happen, once you get the next renewal invoice notification by e-mail from us, you will be able to get into the customer area and manually pay the invoice. That will add the new credit/debit card to your account for future recurring automatic payments. Just make sure to enable the option to keep the card on file.

If you place a new order let's say for a domain or an additional service, that will add the new credit card too. Make sure to enable the option to keep the card on file.

Here is a full guide in how to update your credit card and make sure the next time will use the same card in automatic. It is very important that you follow all these steps:

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