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WAIT! Don't panic!

We ask that you please go through this checklist before contacting us.

Verify this is a global outage, not just you. You can verify this by going to and than put in your website URL. will test your website from over 50 places and tell you if it can reach it or not.

If can reach your website but you can't, it's a problem between your computer and us, which means everyone else can reach your website fine right now. There are three possible reasons why you can't reach your website but everyone can, they include:

  • You were blocked by our server firewall.

    Did you recently make a bunch of failed logins to cPanel, FTP, SSH or email? If so, the server will automatically block you for 30 minutes as it thinks you are a possible hacker trying to get in. We ask to NOT put in a ticket about this and let the ban expire.

    If you're still blocked after 30 minutes, please contact us and we'll take a look as soon as possible.

  • You are exceeding your CPU resources and therefore your website is being throttled until it's back under control.

    Determining this is a fairly easy process and it involves logging into cPanel and your left-hand sidebar is a CPU bar, you will want to make sure you are under 75%.

    If you are having a CPU issue, please read for more information about how to resolve it.

  • Your ISP (Your Internet provider) is having an issue reaching us.

    We always get the question 'well, I can reach this or Facebook, my Internet is fine'.

    Just because you can reach one site doesn't mean you can reach all, for each site, you take a different route to them.

    These outages are referred to as a 'routing' outage. Routing outages usually don't last long, less than an hour. If you want to report a routing outage, please supply us with a traceroute from your local computer to your website.

    For more information on how to do a traceroute, please read:

If reports a global outage, the first thing to do is check our twitter URL at

We post all of our server outages on our twitter feed with the most up to date information we have.

If there's nothing on our twitter feed, this is going on more than 10 minutes, please go ahead and open up a ticket and we'll be glad to take a look for you. We ask that you please let us know that you read this article when putting in a ticket or else we'll send you back here first, most outages are false alarms and can be solved by reading this.

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