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StableHost stands for keeping your data secure and protected, in this guide, you will find all the information you about how we use and save your personal data. In order for us to be able to provide you with domain services, we need to gather all your personal data for the domain registrations to go through.

We encourage you to always make sure that the data you have shared with us is up to date, if you are unsure on what data we have on you please login to your Client Area and to check and update right away.Use the following link to access your Client Area:

Privacy Policy

We have updated our Privacy Policy in order to help you better understand how we save the data and why, please follow the link below to the new updated Privacy Policy:
The Privacy Policy was updated on 22/5-2018, if updated again you can always find the latest version under the link provided above.

Updated Terms & Conditions

We have updated our Terms & Conditions for the new GDPR update, please find the new updated T&C here:
We always keep our T&C updated, so make sure you check them out whenever you receive information about it.

Data Controller & Data Processor

StableHost is Data Controller for all personal data that we collect from you as our customer. However, for the personal data you store on our servers you are personally responsible and StableHost is the Data Processor. You need to ensure that you meet your legal requirements for processing personal data. StableHost is not legally responsible for how you process your data.

Personal Data Assistance Agreement

For everyone who needs to sign a Personal Data Assistance Agreement with StableHost you will need to contact the support in order to get the agreement. Once you have it please fill in all information and sign the Agreement and send it to [email protected] The responsible person will then get back to you with the signed agreement.

Protection and Encryption

All customers who gather information about there clients through a Websites must encrypt this information. In order to encrypt your website, you must have an SSL (https://) installed and verified. StableHost offers SSL as a service, make sure that you protect your personal information with an SSL, if you want more information about it, contact us!

Data Sharing

For you to easier understand how we collect your data, store it and share it we have prepared the following flowchart. In this image below you will see all the steps of your personal information from the moment you buy your Hosting Package and how we then store and share your details with our 3rd party suppliers.

Last Update: Oct 24th, 2023

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