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What is VIP and Priority support?
What is VIP and Priority support?
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VIP Support
All of our Enterprise/Platinum Web Hosting get VIP Support.

When there's multiple cases in the queue from our customers, VIP cases are answered first before handling the general support queue. This will give you a faster response time to all support enquires.

​Priority Support
For extreme emergencies, we offer a priority support for a one-time fee of $24.95 per case. This service is available from 7AM-9PM MST, 7 days a week. After submitting a priority support ticket, one of our most senior technical managers will email you to help you fix your issue within 15 minutes. The priority support is good for up to 1 hour of troubleshooting which 95% of issues can be resolved in. The people who will be working with you on this case are very technical and can usually fix most problems.

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